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Dr. Bob Fischer //

Dr. Fischer grew up with midwestern work ethic; the son of a business entrepeneur. He moved to Florida in 1985 and two years later took a position with a small fledgling franchise by the name of Subway. In 9 months, his restaurant's sales grew to the highest level in Central Florida, which attracted the attention of the corporate developer. He accepted a position at Subway Development in 1988 and was an integral part of the team that developed the Subway brand.


During his 24 year tenure at Subway Development, he became a Certified Analist for Predictive Index; a behavioral prediction tool. This tool helped his restaurants to earn "Manager of the Year" twice in the last five years.


In 2013 he completed his formal education and now works full time as both a Counselor and Business Consultant. He strongly believes that psychology is an extremely valuable tool that should be applied to the business setting for maximum results.


When hiring a Business Consultant, please compare our qualifications.

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