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Client Testimonials //


Our behavioral assessment has been in use by private industry since 1955. There are presently 8,000 clients in 142 countriees, with an average relationship of 10 years and client renewal rate of 90%.

Keith Spear CEO, Inc. //


"One of the most challenging and rewarding pursuits in running a small business is the hiring and development of a successful, cohesive team.  Getting the right people into the right positions - and getting the organization to mesh and to achieve business goals is a monumental task. Working with Dr. Bob Fischer over the past year has provided new levels of insight and capability within our organization.  Dr. Fischer truly invested himself into our success. He helped us choose the appropriate tools, thoroughly prepared us to use them, and he continues to provide valuable counsel and advice.   


Dr. Fischer's expertise comes not only from the training and certifications that he has earned over his consulting career, but from true, relateable small business ownership and management. This is imperative to understanding our challenges. Dr. Fischer understands how businesses work and has helped us to harness the power of informed hiring and strategic human resource management to cultivate a winning team.  Our organization continues to thrive and grow, and we are now significantly more prepared for success."

Drew Powell, Sr. Pastor Oasis Church //


"As a pastor and leader, knowing how to manage and get the best from my staff is an important responsibility. When I started working with Bob, I was amazed at what I learned about my team. More importantly what I learned about me as a leader. Thanks to his help and the tools he brings, we are now on a path to having a much healthier organization. I also have much greater clarity as to how I can best inspire and motivate my team to get more effective results."


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