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Chances are, you already use basic screening tools when hiring staff, such as employment reference checks, multiple interviews, and perhaps background checks.


94% "Best in Class" organizations use a behavioral assessment to discover if an applicant's behavioral tendencies fit the position being offered. (Aberdeen Group Research) For example, selecting an extrovert for the sales department, creative individuals for the art department, and meticulous individuals for the accounting department.


We make these advanced tools available for your business at a very reasonable cost; often equivalent to just a few hours of employee pay. The application is twofold:

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Improve Existing Staff Placement


There are two phases. First we gather survey information via email, from both you and your staff, and then we meet and the results are presented to your leadership team. During this presentation we will review the following:


  • The origin and science behind the assessments used.

  • A brief tutorial on psychology and its application to business.

  • Advanced interpretation of the assessment tools, beyond just reading the reports.

  • Measure the efficacy of thoseresponsible for hiring in your company.

  • Review every employees natural suitability for the position they hold in your company.

  • Review who may be suitable for promotion and who may best be left in their present position.

  • Look for potential lateral reassignments within your company that may improve employee satisfaction and performance.


Improve Employee Selection,
prior to hiring


Savvy business owners understand the importance of screening applicants to select those that are honest, reliable, and qualified. For this reason, many companies call work references, conduct interviews, and perform background checks. The first two cost valuable time, and the third costs money. All are indispensable.


Most companies first screen applicants by the application, interview those that are of interest, call references of the finalists, and then pay for a background check. This protocol consistently delivers average results.

The process of screening each applicant serves a secondary purpose as well; relationship building. Their first impression of you is the foundation of the relationship that follows. What relationship do you want? Ideally, they will be comfortable in your presence and will speak freely, they will contribute their strengths and experience with passion, but ultimately will be willing to follow your direction when given.

Our recommended hiring protocol does an excellent job of screening out both unqualified and unmotivated applicants, but also forms a healthy employer/employee relationship in the process.

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